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What Is The Benefit Of Using An EAM Software System?

Benefits of using EAM software system

Large organizations typically house a diverse portfolio of asset systems, each contributing to the overall goals of the organization but presenting widely different investments, performance challenges, and risks. The properly configured asset management system is the bridge which allows facility managers to coordinate and optimize work management activities, manage planned and unplanned activities, and evaluate capital expenditures versus operating the existing assets. When a facility employs the right EAM software system, they can establish maintenance best practices to maximize return on investment for all of their critical assets.

EAM systems allow facilities to transform from relying on planned maintenance for their assets to world class maintenance best practices that are part of a Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) program. A RCM program relies on the historical data housed in the EAM maintenance software system to identify and predict equipment failures and recommend pro-active activities that will reduce the number of failures and also extend the life of equipment.

Benefits of Implementing Right EAM for Your Facility Can Include

  • Implementation of effective equipment-based maintenance schedules to reduce downtime.
  • Improved uptime of equipment and systems.
  • Lifecycle costings of equipment and systems.
  • Management of work order processes.
  • Improvements to overall warehouse and inventory management.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction from improved performance and control of systems.
  • Improved health, safety, and environmental performance through properly maintained assets.
  • Long-term planning, confidence, and performance sustainability of capital investments.
  • Ability to demonstrate best value-for money within a constrained funding regime.
  • Evidence, in the form of controlled and systematic processes, to demonstrate legal and regulatory compliance.
  • Improved corporate reputation, the benefits of which may include enhanced shareholder value, improved marketability of product/service, greater staff satisfaction, and more efficient and effective procurement from the supply chain.

To learn more about how you can implement an EAM system and establish maintenance best practices to save time, conserve resources, and get the most of our all of your smart systems, click here.