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Transportation & Trucking Asset Management

Maximo for Effective Transportation Asset Lifecycle Management

EDI’s Transportation Industry experience is road-tested. For over a decade, we have worked closely with organizations to improve the productivity of critical transportation assets and meet or exceed stringent regulatory requirements.

We have become experts in leveraging the power of Maximo for Transportation to achieve operational efficiency, increase revenues, and expand visibility across business units for maintenance activities.

Our customers have come to rely on EDI for implementing and executing the best maintenance practices within their organizations to keep their assets moving and their businesses rolling.

With EDI’s roadway management technologies, our customers are equipped with everything they need to move, maintain, repair, upgrade, operate, and transport physical assets at any point within their lifecycle.

The features of our highway performance monitoring system aim to simplify the intricate processes involved in transportation management, from reliable traffic trackers to preventive maintenance schedules that keep physical assets working at their greatest capacity.

Take advantage of real-time, detailed tracking information to remain constantly aware of where assets and products are along the pipeline. Additionally, monitoring traffic predictions and staying on top of maintenance schedules serve to hasten transportation services and keep vehicles operating efficiently and in compliance with road regulations.

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