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Maximo and GIS Support Services

Do you wish you had someone on your team with the expertise and time to successfully knock out items on the ever-growing backlog of system issues, administration tasks, and enhancement requests for Maximo, or your GIS system?

Most organizations using these systems have a laundry list of items that need to be updated, but L1/L2 Support will not handle them, and submitting funding for a major project is just too difficult. This backlog can become very frustrating when all you require is experienced and knowledgeable resources to assist with the following:

  • Maximo and GIS support services
  • Configuration issues
  • System performance
  • Report development/changes
  • Workflow updates
  • Automation script authoring
  • Supplemental training

EAM or GIS Enhanced Support Services

Fortunately, EDI Enhanced Maximo and GIS Support Services are now available to provide this type of assistance! EDI Enhanced Support Services are on-demand, remote services used to address any type of system, organizational, or program question or issue, no matter how straightforward or complex, giving you just the help you need.

Since EDI’s acquisition by Arora Engineers in 2019, significant investments have been made to build out our service and support department. This expansion has allowed us to significantly increase the volume of calls we can handle and the level of support we can provide our clients.

We can have you working with the right functional or technical EAM or GIS expert in a matter of minutes! We can also tailor our support offerings to fit your budget and only charge you for the time our experts spend designing and implementing solutions to meet your needs.

Use us exactly as needed, when needed, and watch your backlog shrink.