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eSAM – EDI’s Strategic Asset Management

In partnership with Maximo® as a Service (MaaS) from experts at our partner, Projetech, EDI provides clients with our innovative Strategic Asset Management (eSAM) version of Maximo using industry-leading hosting infrastructure and services. This partnership enables us to offer a true turn-key Enterprise Asset Management solution in the cloud for our customers, allowing them to focus on executing their asset maintenance and request management strategies rather than configuring, maintaining, and administering an IT system.
This MaaS solution includes a highly available Maximo EAM application. The pricing is per user, following the “pay-as-you-grow” service delivery model. EDI will scale the solution to match the load and usage required by the customer. You don’t have to think about the underlying technical design, as we handle all those details for you. This asset maintenance application runs fast because we use current generation infrastructure. This service also includes hardware refresh schedules to make sure our cloud solution meets or beats the performance of an on-premise application. The EAM solution is secure, and Projetech continually improves the defense systems of their cloud to meet today’s needs. The solution also includes Disaster Recovery (DR) as part of the base service.
Finally, patching and upgrading Maximo is included in your service, and you will never be version locked.

Pre-Configured eSAM Maximo Solution with 24×7 Break/Fix Support

In addition to eliminating all infrastructure headaches and providing you with our pre-configured eSAM Maximo solution, our subscription also comes with built-in technical and functional assistance for both 24×7 break/fix support and ongoing Asset Management program evolution. You will have resources dedicated to not only keeping your system humming but also helping you identify and achieve program expansion goals and user adoption year after year.

Whether you are looking for a brand-new Enterprise Asset Management system, a migration from your legacy system, or simply a migration of your existing Maximo system to the cloud, let the experts at EDI and Projetech simplify the move to Maximo as a Service and provide all the benefits of eSAM along with it!