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Salt Lake City Int’l Supports New Terminal With New Enterprise Asset Management Software

Enterprise Asset Management Software

Electronic Data, Inc. (EDI) was featured in an article by Airport Improvement entitled “Salt Lake City Int’l Supports New Terminal With New Enterprise Asset Management Software.” Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) began the transition for a new enterprise asset management system by working with a consultant to outline the functional and technical requirements. Ultimately, SLC chose the Maximo system.

Having launched the previous system on its own, SLC wanted a partner with experience implementing asset management systems at other airports to lead its upgrade. After considering multiple options, the airport contracted EDI for planning, configuration, testing, training, deployment and post-deployment support.

Scott Yates, Chief Operating Officer of EDI, is featured in the article, saying he considers it a major victory for SLC to have the new system operational just three months after the purchase contract was signed. “The airport didn’t lose the opportunity to get good maintenance history about this new facility,” he explains. “Had we not done that, they’d be keeping a lot of paper records and might never get the data into the system.”

Ultimately, SLC will be able to tie smart assets around the airport into Maximo. For example, sensors can be placed on baggage handling equipment, people movers or passenger boarding bridges to gather usage information that will drive maintenance decisions. Yates explains that such information will help SLC proactively head off failures, optimize preventative maintenance and provide better operational metrics.