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Maximo Enterprise Asset Management for Utilities

EDI’s Water/Wastewater Management Industry skills are immersive. We are fluent in the regulatory and operational demands required to maintain and improve the quality of service and profit margins in the Public Utilities industry.

With expertly integrated technologies, EDI strives to keep operations flowing and each component of company operations on the same page. We provide our industrial customers with valuable insights by monitoring each company’s asset conditions and system health with the help of our water management software. In addition, our selection of tools and systems is highly efficient in anticipating various maintenance needs through Maximo (and other connected technologies).

EDI consultants are experts at reengineering business processes, implementing integrations (i.e., SCADA, ERP, HR, GIS), and instituting premium Maximo EAM systems.

This expertise includes EDI’s ability to implement and maintain Risk Priority Numbers for Assets and Systems in the EAM systems. We aim to design the safest possible protocols for public utility maintenance, allowing companies within the industry to increase productivity while mitigating risks.

EDI’s combination of industry experience and unique Organizational Change Management (OCM) expertise allows us to earn early buy-in and maintain project momentum through to completion.

Our software availabilities provide business professionals in the public utility sector with everything they need to improve efficiency and productivity throughout the company. Tools for reaching new momenta include automation programs for many administrative processes, collection and analysis of energy data, payroll, asset management, maintenance schedules, lifecycle tracking, warranty information, workplace schedules, cost-savings practices, work orders, and an array of administrative and utility management tools.

Current Utility Projects

At EDI, the sky is the limit, and no matter how well-received our software systems may be, there is always room for improvement and further development. Our teams are constantly exploring new strategies and mechanisms to expand upon our abundant services portfolio.


Our current projects include the advancement of the following Maximo enterprise asset management for utility management software programs. We take pride in knowing that our customers in the Public Utilities industry trust our service offerings to maintain the most efficient asset management procedural adherence:

  • Maximo for Utilities
  • Maximo for Nuclear
  • Maximo for Health, Safety, and Environment Manager (HSE)
  • Maximo for Spatial Asset Management
  • Maximo Everyplace
  • Asset Management Scheduler

Featured Projects