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Salt Lake City Department of Airports


Salt Lake City, UT



SLC – Enterprise Asset Management System Consulting and Arora ATLAS® Implementation Services

Electronic Data (EDI) provided Maximo software, consulting, implementation and hosting services for the implementation and support of an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system for the Salt Lake City Department of Airports’ (SLCDA) Salt Lake City International Airport, South Valley Regional Airport and Tooele Valley Airport. Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) began the transition to a new enterprise asset management system by working with  EDI to outline the functional and technical requirements.

Having implemented the previous system on its own, SLC wanted a partner with experience implementing asset management systems at other airports to lead its upgrade. After considering multiple options, the airport contracted EDI for planning, configuration, testing, training, deployment, and post-deployment support.

Project Highlights:

  • Kick off to go-live of Maximo in less than 90 days!
  • SaaS Maximo v7.6 Implementation
  • Work Management Processes
  • Part 139 Inspections
  • Fully electronic system
  • Interface with SLC’s ArcGIS system
  • Mobile Work Management  
  • Best Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Implementation Program at MaximoWorld 2021

Scope of Work Included:

The solution leveraged IBM’s best-of-breed, commercial-off-the-shelf Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Maximo softwareEDI’s Strategic Asset Management (eSAM) for airports configuration, and the FixRequest, and Inspect modules of the Arora ATLAS® mobile solution to provide a seamless asset and data management system with cross functionality across the authority’s aviation facilities.

The implementation of the EAM System was performed in a phased manner. The project kicked off in late July of 2020 and went live in September 2020, supporting work requests and work order management in the New Terminal that opened in September. Project kickoff to Go Live was completed in less than 90 days, an accomplishment which resulted in EDI and SLC receiving the Best Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Implementation Program at MaximoWorld 2021.   

EDI also implemented Arora ATLAS® mobile, an enterprise level suite of mobile products designed to simplify and enhance asset management through the seamless convergence of asset data and location services. Prior to implementing ATLAS mobile, SLC utilized an excel-based maintenance work request system which entailed significant manual data entry and required follow up to be performed the next day – a cumbersome and inefficient process which sometimes led to mistakes. In addition, SLC’s previous work order system did not include corresponding maps of the specific areas where maintenance needed to take place, each finding had to be described by hand leading to wasted time in the field spent locating a given issue. 

The ATLAS Fix solution helped SLC improve their work order process, while the ATLAS Inspect solution helped the authority perform critical airfield and terminal inspections, and ATLAS Request provided an easy to use electronic method for requesting work. With ATLAS, SLC’s maintenance activities are now tied to specific assets that live in Maximo with significantly less data entry required. Their maintenance needs and activities are displayed in an interactive dashboard which allows facility managers a comprehensive view of critical day-to-day asset activities. Additionally, ATLAS has helped SLC to decrease the time and confusion caused by their previous system by mapping all work orders, allowing for faster location and fixing of any maintenance issues. 

Long term, SLC will be able to tie smart assets around the airport into Maximo. For example, sensors can be placed on baggage handling equipment, people movers or passenger boarding bridges to gather usage information that will drive maintenance decisions. Such information will help SLC proactively head off failures, optimize preventative maintenance and provide better operational metrics.

This project covered not only the existing terminals and facilities of SLCDA’s three airports, but also the new South Concourse and Parking Garage to facilitate their 2020 opening consisting of:

  • Over 4 million square feet
  • 7 miles of conveyor
  • 67 gates
  • 1800 cameras
  • 49 elevators, 29 escalators, and 18 moving walkways
  • A New Terminal Cost of $4.1 billion

The scope of the first phase encompassed the automation of business processes in the following areas:

  • Corrective, Preventive and Project Work Orders 
  • Part 139 Inspections and Work Orders 
  • New ARP-related assets
  • Mobile Work Management Pilot 
  • Warranty Tracking
  • GIS Integration
  • Inventory Management
  • Lifecycle Costing
  • Reporting and Performance Metrics

Photo credit: Salt Lake City International Airport