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The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ)


New York, NY; Newark, NJ




PANYNJ – Maximo Implementation, Upgrade and Support

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ), established in 1921, oversees much of the regional transportation infrastructure, including bridges, tunnels, airports, and seaports, within the geographical jurisdiction of the Port of New York and New Jersey.

Initially, Electronic Data (EDI) was selected to provide a Pilot of core, best-practice work order and asset management processes in IBM’s Maximo Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system using Newark Liberty International Airport’s existing Airfield Lighting data. EDI imported data on Airfield Lighting assets and utilized best practice designs implemented at major airports to configure and load the appropriate classifications, locations, assets, and failure codes. This included setting up certain assets as rotating items to allow for more efficient replacement tracking and spares management. EDI then configured Airfield Lighting assets to be mapped on desktop and mobile devices, allowing end users the ability to easily attach Asset records to the work that they performed.

In January 2016, EDI conducted an assessment of the PANYNJ’s Maximo 7.5 Pilot System. EDI provided an overview of findings of the assessment, addressing specific business challenges for the Port, recommendations on options to address these challenges, as well as an explanation of the steps required to implement the recommended changes.

The result of this pilot system and assessment was a contract to replace PANYNJ’s MMIS system with Maximo on the PANYNJ’s airport division. The airports in scope were John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), LaGuardia International Airport (LGA), and Newark International Airport (EWR).

Scope of Work Included:

Based on the pilot program, the PANYNJ sought to transition from their MMIS maintenance management system to an asset management practice in order to more seamlessly and effectively manage and service their aviation assets. EDI applied their proprietary Implementation Methodology, including EDI’s Strategic Airport Asset Management configurations for Maximo, and proposed an alignment of several groupings of tasks for each of the PANYNJ’s airports, while maintaining a single, consolidated Maximo infrastructure to maintain data for three of PANYNJ’s airports — LGA, JFK, and EWR.

The implementation of the Maximo Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) covered the following functional areas and associated capabilities:

  • Airside and Corrective Action Management for the Airfield electrical system
    • Definition and Management of Airside Assets and Locations
    • Review of Work Order prioritization, planning, PM forecasting, managing monthly work schedules, work assignments, crew management, etc.
    • Developed standard operating procedures and delivered end user training based on “best practices”
    • Created an interface to ERP time reporting system
    • Created shift schedule reports to prevent union fines for incorrect labor scheduling
    • Developed standard views and reports
  • Integration with SAP, Oracle PeopleSoft, Microsoft Active Directory, and GCR’s AirportIQ ASOCS per workshop defined and agreed to requirements.
  • Asset, Facilities and Work Management for the Terminal A Building at Newark
    • Definition and Management of Building Assets and Location Hierarchies
    • Creation and Tracking of CM Work Orders
    • Creation and Tracking of PM Work Orders
    • Developed routes to complete FAA required maintenance on airfield assets
    • Management of PM Programs and Job Plans
    • Basic Spare Part Tracking

EDI was then contracted in 2017 to implement Maximo 7.6 for the PANYNJ. EDI implemented work management and asset management with the Port in the Maximo 7.5 environment, with services including: training, organizational change management, data migration, reporting, KPI’s, security setup, automated workflows and system configuration. The scope of EDI’s Maximo professional services covered moving from a single org system to a multi org system. This was to allow the other PANYNJ organizations to utilize the Maximo Enterprise solution. The existing PANYNJ Maximo 7.6 environment included the following functional areas:

  • Asset, Facilities and Work Management for the Aviation organization
  • Definition and Management of Assets and Locations
  • Creation and Tracking of CM Work Orders
  • Creation and Tracking of PM Work Orders
  • Management of PM Programs and Job Plans
  • Basic Spare Part Tracking

MaaS Cloud Environment and Support Services

EDI recently implemented Maximo Enterprise Asset Management with the EDI eSAM base configuration for Airports for PANYNJ. This software solution was deployed on a hosted platform by Projetech and is comprised of IBM Maximo Software, supporting hosted application server, database, and EDI’s eSAM solution for Airports.

EDI oversaw the creation and configuration of the environment by Projetech and provided coordination and assistance to help the PANYNJ with its network configuration to allow for communication with the Projetech Maximo 7.6 environments. EDI also provided guidance in setting up and configuring any VPNs necessary to enable access to the Maximo 7.6 environment.

EDI was tasked with Maximo System Administration services for the PANYNJ, and was responsible for the following administrative activities and support tasks:

  • Installed, configured, and supported all database, web server, and operating systems provided by PANYNJ in support of Maximo
  • Created, entered, and maintained users and security groups
  • Worked to ensure infrastructure performance and capacity requirements were met
  • Managed support requests and conducted problem determination
  • Maintained integrity of separate environments: DEV, TEST, and PROD
  • Applied hot fixes, updates, and routine maintenance to Maximo, database, web server, and operating system software

Maximo Support, Enviance Replacement

EDI provided post-implementation maintenance and support services for all Maximo components implemented in the Airfield Asset implementation. Additionally, EDI implemented an Enviance replacement in Maximo along with additional enhancements using the eSAM for Airports solution.

EDI helped the authority to replace their dated Enviance application and merge the previous functions into the PANYNJ Maximo system. EDI conducted workshops, developed/configured, migrated data and trained key PANYNJ personnel on how previous Enviance processes would then function in Maximo. A functional specification and technical specification document were developed detailing the processes and configuration.

Incorporated assets included: Air Emissions, Deicer Use, New Jersey Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit (storm water), Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission (Sanitary Permit), Storage Tanks (regulated only), and Backflow Prevention Devices.

FuzzyNet Migration

EDI provided professional services for a task order to migrate from the Access database (FuzzyNet), spreadsheet, and paper legacy systems data currently used by the PANYNJ Communications, Security, Electronic Group (COMSEG) to the Enterprise Asset Management System (Maximo).

Mobile Software Purchase

EDI implemented Maximo Work Order Management software from SCHAD Automation for IBM’s Maximo Enterprise Asset Management at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PA).

This robust mobile solution allowed the management of several complex SCADA systems across their organization like runway lighting, building automation systems, and baggage systems. EDI aided PANYNJ in implementing SCHAD mobile product to accomplish the following:

  • Mobilization of maintenance work force to enable them to complete scheduled and unscheduled maintenance tasks across a large geographical area.
  • Maximo maintenance best practices and also enable users to react in real time to non-scheduled automation/SCADA alerts.
  • Communicate across Wi-Fi and GSM and work in disconnected mode where network connectivity was unavailable.