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NBA – Large Venue Management Solution

This large venue manages the 21,000-capacity indoor arena home to a title winning National Basketball Association (NBA) team, and hosts various sporting events, concerts and VIP events each year. The large venue is also equipped with conference rooms and other office spaces that are rented by clients every year. EDI was selected by this NBA team to provide a large venue management system. EDI deployed IBM to effectively track, reserve and manage rentable spaces across the arena, coordinate, schedule, and execute work orders for maintenance and operations, as well as the tracking and reporting of environmental consumption, waste and carbon footprint for LEED certification.

Scope of Work Included:

This custom implementation to create an events-projects module yielded the ability to schedule sections of the arena for small events such as meetings and conferences as well as reserving the entire arena for concerts and other large events.

Event and Reservation Management

  • Consolidation of multiple applications to more effectively schedule, manage and report on event.
  • Departmental calendars and enterprise calendars provide a view across all of the spaces that are available to be reserved including conference rooms, locker rooms, restaurant, the bowl or field, and any other rentable space.
  • Ability to add resources including security and parking for events and ensure that client is charged by including an approval workflow.
  • Ability to add assets to rooms and ensure a charge is associated to the usage.
  • Graphical views with CAD integration allowing the associate to compare spaces, locations, availability and size to other available spaces to allow them to choose the best option.

Operations and Maintenance

  • Preventative and Predictive Maintenance of arena assets
  • Perceptive apps for mobile capability
  • Plan maintenance more effectively based on asset location
  • Ensure warranties are being exercised by tracking it to the asset
  • More effective tech scheduling and work execution


  • Eliminate the manual tracking and reporting of carbon footprint
  • Track and report on consumption and waste
  • Reporting that enables arena to maintain LEED and Green Leader certifications