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National R&D Laboratory – Visual Project Access Tool (VPAT)

For this national R&D Laboratory, the VPAT application delivered a simple user interface presenting the relevant service order information with minimal clicking. The VPAT application included a simple search mechanism for finding service orders and utilized data maintained in the VPAT Oracle Database.

The following objectives were included in the design process:

  • Replace existing VPAT application with new VPAT application
    • Integrate the application with the existing VPAT Oracle database
      • Maintain daily and weekly update schedule
      • Migrate historical service order data
  • Create a service orders portal home page allowing simple search capabilities
    • Create a service order form allowing data to be viewed on a single portal (Web) page
      • Provide ease of visibility into service order financial data
      • Provide ease of access to related data (contacts, contracts, requests, etc.)
  • Define roles & responsibilities to support both current and future development

While the initial mandate was focused on the above-mentioned goals, it was recognized that the ultimate objective was to garner positive ratings from the current VPAT users with the new VPAT system.

Visual Project Access Scope of Work Included:

The primary scope of this implementation was to add a new module to the existing system which will elevate the overall reputation of the IBM software product. Utilizing the existing people, organization and location records meant the VPAT system was supported by consistent data. This offered the opportunity for improved reporting, email notifications and data security.

This implementation replaced the existing VPAT client software in use at that time. The compressed time frame for rolling out the new application required that existing functionality was in scope of this design and development project.  Current users of VPAT found the data and functionality they expect by using VPAT, and with minimal training.