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Florida Utilities Department


City of Pompano Beach, FL




City of Pompano Beach – IBM Maximo 7.6 Implementation

The mission of the City’s Utility Department is to provide superior utility service while creating exceptional value. Utilities provide water, reuse, wastewater and stormwater services in an environmentally and financially responsible way with respect to the role of government in protecting the public’s interest.

As the Utilities Director with the City has said “The water flowing out of your tap has travelled through 274 miles of pipe, and has been treated, disinfected, and tested. Our crews work day and night to inspect and replace this pipe network and continuously treat, test and monitor the quality of the water.”

To help support this mission, the City selected EDI to implement Maximo 7.6 and establish an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) program. The assignment entailed two projects to assess and reengineer the City’s Utilities Department business processes in order to incorporate current best practices and introduce modern technology to streamline daily activities for the organization’s Reuse Treatment Plant and Water Treatment Plant.

Scope of Work Included:

  • Implementation of Maximo 7.6
  • Implementation of Mobile Work Management Application
  • Definition of System Hierarchies (Locations and Assets)
  • Implementation of Inventory Management
  • Implementation of Work Management
  • Roll Outs to City of Pompano Beach’s Reuse Treatment Plant
  • Roll Out to City of Pompano Beach’s Water Treatment Plant