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Optimize Space Utilization With IBM Space Management Module

In today’s unprecedented environment, organizations need real-time occupancy data to know how and when space is being used in order to respond quickly to changing business space requirements and to facilitate employee productivity. An all-inclusive, centralized system allows you to make the most cost-effective decisions for your organization, while also improving decisions regarding the utilization of workspaces. IBM Space Management Module uses this business logic to collect data into how much of your space is occupied at any given time, assisting your organization to make the critical choices which will help employees return to work safely and efficiently.

This module in IBM’s space management software delivers insights based on IoT data and building management systems. It allows you to analyze the behavior of people and other various factors to identify space utilization and improve operations over time.

EDI works in partnership with our customers to define and map your spaces across the organizations’ facilities. We implement IBM Space Management Module to create safer spaces, focus on the occupant’s well-being, social- distancing leveraging dynamic space, as well as movement and reservation management which enables business units to control costs across their respective departments. You can consolidate essential information into a single source of truth to make faster, more confident decisions and adapt to any circumstance leveraging “what if” scenarios and dynamic drag and drop functionalities as employee spaces are defined, assigned and executed.

The IBM Facilities module sits over your portfolio data allowing you to perform advanced analytics and understand how your portfolio is performing from a facility utilization perspective. Using Space Planning and Facilities Management features, you can maximize your space, identify cost savings and effectively populate your assigned employee spaces as well as temporary “hotel” space designs quickly and effectively.

EDI enables our customers to interact directly with AutoCad, ESRI ArchIndoor and BIM data using layer controls to view occupancy information by department, space type and availability. We will help you quickly identify underutilized space from KPIs on dashboards. EDI will assist in personalizing these dashboard views based on the user’s role and responsibilities, drilling down to your Portfolio Data. Our team of expert IBM consultants will partner with your company to assess and define the optimal move management strategies through business requirement workshops. We then develop a space management strategy to clearly define the management of moves from Real Estate Lease Actions, Move Plans, Reservation Management and Construction.

EDI developed an Event Management Solution for one of our customers in which we were able to assist them in maximizing every available space across their facility to host, facilitate and execute flawless events for their clients. This includes the ability to order auxiliary assets including Audio/Visual equipment, catering, valet parking services, and other needs requested by the client from a single application, IBM Facilities Management. This solution guarantees customer satisfaction, accurate billing and invoicing, as well as post-event reporting to assess the success of the event and identify opportunities for improvement.

EDI welcomes the opportunity to work with your organization to help you plan and execute your Space Planning and Management strategy as you embark on the effort of returning your employees to work in a welcoming, functional and safe environment.