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Maximo Enterprise Asset Management for Facilities Management

Provides facility planning, facility management, and flexible space reservation management to ensure the most effective utilization of arena spaces and assets. Facilities maintenance becomes more efficient with stadium management software, which streamlines budget tracking capability and organizes management approvals, tracking information, scheduling updates, and condition-based maintenance across the venue.

True Enterprise Asset Management Collaboration

  • Venue booking software provides consolidation of multiple applications to more effectively schedule, manage and report on events.
  • Departmental calendars and enterprise calendars provide a view across all available spaces, including conference rooms, locker rooms, restaurants, the bowl or field, and any other rentable spaces.
  • Online event registration software offers the ability to add, track and charge attendees for resources, including security and event parking.
  • Registration software ensures that clients and attendees are charged properly by including an approval workflow.
  • The system presents the ability to add assets to rooms and ensure a correct charge is associated with the asset usage.
  • Graphical views with CAD integration allow the associate to compare spaces, locations, availability, and size to other available areas, allowing them to choose the best option.
  • Maximo enterprise asset management for facilities management
  • Preventative and Predictive Maintenance of venue & arena assets
  • Perceptive apps for mobile capability
  • Maximize the utility and flexibility of your campus, event center, or stadium
  • Automate a variety of administrative processes
  • Plan maintenance more effectively based on asset location
  • Ensure warranties are being exercised by tracking it to the asset
  • More effective tech scheduling and work execution
  • Eliminate the manual tracking and reporting of carbon footprint
  • Track and report on consumption and waste
  • Remain compliant with human health regulations and COVID protocols
  • Reporting that enables arenas to maintain LEED and Green Leader certifications
  • Monitor restrooms with sensors to measure foot traffic. Effectively forecast maintenance and supplies to ensure a better customer experience.
  • Leverage analytics and determine the correct number of resources to deploy during events for restroom maintenance based on traffic across various zones in the arena.
  • Dispatch custodial teams at the most opportune times to avoid having facilities out of commission during peak activity hours.

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