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Kansas City Airport Department Case Study

Imagine being the head of a Facilities Management group that has maintained a particular facility for almost 50 years and being told that the entire facility is being replaced. Literally, every system and asset you have grown to know, understand, and maintain will be replaced by brand new systems and assets. Operational and maintenance procedures that you have developed over half a century will need to be rethought and restructured, or, at the very least, recreated for the new facility. Faced with that type of once in a lifetime organizational change, how do you ensure that you are putting your organization in the best possible position to efficiently utilize and effectively maintain the new facility?

For the new, $1.5 billion Single Terminal and Parking Garage at Kansas City International Airport (MCI), MCI applied an innovative approach to implementing asset management at the very beginning of the new terminal project. Arora Engineers (Arora), along with their wholly owned subsidiary, EDI, worked to ensure that operations and maintenance staff were in a position to use and maintain the entire new facility (the organizations most critical asset) from day one. MCI was therefore able to reduce their implementation costs by approximately 50% with a digital delivery compared to a traditional asset management implementation. 

To learn more about our work on the new terminal project, as well our Data Interoperability Services and how facilities can protect organizations from losing data when datasets are created, read our case study.