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EAM, Integrated Workplace Management Experts

At EDI, we believe that successful Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Integrated Workplace Management systems start with understanding the specific objectives, priorities, procedures, and challenges unique to your industry. As such, EDI prides itself on having a diverse and deep collection of experiences across several industries. Interacting with an array of business professionals in their given field provides us with a wealth of information, which we utilize to ensure that our tools and services provide the solutions our customers need.

Our teams have worked directly with companies in countless markets and provided our consultants with outstanding support regarding the simplification and automation of many industrial processes. In addition, we have built and implemented solutions tailored to specific industries.
At EDI, you will find extensive experience and world-class knowledge in:

While our team is especially familiar with the industries mentioned above, this brief list represents only some of the professional environments EDI has operated within. If you’d like to know more about our experience in your industry, simply reach out to schedule a consultation.

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