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Happy Sustainable Holidays! We Planted Trees!

In the spirit of the holiday season, Arora Engineers, Inc. and their subsidiary companies have donated money to plant 2,022 trees in an effort to help endangered Orcas. Tree planting along rivers and streams helps to conserve Chinook Salmon spawning grounds, which are Orca’s primary food source, as well as to decrease water contamination and toxicity. We are doing this with help from the nonprofit organization One Tree Planted and their Orca Project.

Since we know that trees “help clean the air we breathe”, we hope that you will all “take a breather” to watch our 45-second video greeting!

A happy, safe, sustainable holiday, and a prosperous 2022 to you all from your friends at Arora Engineers, Inc.Electronic Data, Inc. (EDI)Arora Technology Group, LLC (ATG), and Arora Systems Group, LLC (ASG)! We will provide updates on the project so we can track the impact our trees are having on Orcas and the environment.

Arora Engineers