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Frequently Asked Questions about Maximo Application Suite 8

Frequently Asked Questions about Maximo Application Suite 8

The implementation of Maximo’s Application Suite 8 has generated a great deal of excitement, but it has also left many people with lingering questions. For convenience, we have collected and answered some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding MAS 8, its new features, and what upgrading to the latest version will mean for you and your business.

Q: What new features are included in Maximo Application Suite 8?

A: We cover many of the new features of Maximo 8 in our webinar series, but some of the key elements of Maximo Suite 8.0 include:

  • Easy integration capabilities, which makes accessing full asset lifecycles simple. Managers can examine any point in the asset lifecycle and expand into additional management areas.
  • Deployment through Red Hat, Open Shift, and hybrid Cloud, which enables various options for utilizing the Maximo digital suite across an array of devices
  • Scalable solutions that can improve asset management throughout an organization regardless of size or industry
  • Improved data sharing across applications which streamlines the process of digital transformation and analysis
  • Enhanced user experience
  • A transition from on-premise to cloud-based storage
  • Ease of access and operation to reduce the burden on administrative professionals
  • Significantly improved security

In addition to the main feature enhancements of Maximo maintenance software, the add-on features available aim to enhance performance and simplify day-to-day operations for growing companies in many technological sectors.

Q: What industry-specific solutions are available with Maximo Suite 8?

A: Industry-specific solutions include:

  • Maximo for Aviation
  • Maximo for Transportation
  • Maximo for Utilities
  • Maximo for Oil and Gas
  • Maximo for Civil Infrastructure
  • Maximo for Nuclear Power

Q: How can I upgrade to Maximo 8 from my company’s current suite?

A: A Maximo upgrade is applicable if your company utilizes Maximo or a higher version. If your company uses an older version, you must complete the upgrade in more than one step: first upgrading to and then moving up to Maximo 8.

Q: Can Maximo Suite 8 be customized for specific industries?

A: Yes, Maximo Application Suite 8 can be customized to meet the functional requirements of businesses in a variety of industries. The features can be configured to monitor inventory levels, services, contracts, and asset procedures in the following sectors, just to name a few: Oil and Gas, Transportation, Energy, Utilities, Aviation, Nuclear Technology, and Manufacturing.

Q: What parameters does MAS 8 monitor?

A: The asset management capabilities of the IBM Maximo Application Suite include, but aren’t limited to, the following parameters: technician availability, asset locations, warranty information, leasing information, maintenance history, maintenance schedules, parts inventories, and contract management.

Q: What kind of savings can businesses expect when using Maximo Suite 8?

A: Utilizing Maximo’s upgraded maintenance software and the new asset management features can significantly increase ROI and time and money savings. According to IBM statistics, MAS 8 can reduce up to 20% of labor costs, up to 25% of time waste and equipment downtime, and up to 15% of inventory costs.

Q: Are there add-ons available with Maximo Suite 8?

A: Yes, there are several available add-on options that integrate with Maximo Suite 8, including:

  • IBM Maximo Enterprise Adapter for SAP Applications
  • IBM Maximo Enterprise Adapter for Oracle Applications
  • IBM Maximo Linear Asset Manager
  • IBM Maximo Asset Management for Managed Service Providers
  • IBM Maximo Spatial Asset Management
  • IBM Maximo Asset Management Scheduler
  • IBM Maximo Asset Management Scheduler Plus
  • IBM Maximo Asset Configuration Manager
  • IBM Maximo Anywhere
  • IBM Maximo Calibration
  • IBM Maximo Health, Safety, and Environment Manager

Q: How does Maximo Suite 8 improve efficiency?

A: Maximo’s maintenance software provides businesses with impeccable organizational capabilities. By collecting, organizing, storing, and monitoring asset information, Maximo 8 allows you to schedule preventive maintenance, ensure staff availability, keep track of assets on-location, monitor warranty deadlines, adhere to regulations, and avoid unnecessary fees. The careful organization of each asset reduces labor hours, time waste, and asset losses.

Q: How can MAS 8 help with contracts and organization?

A: Maximo 8 can simplify monitoring and management of contractual information, service agreements, corporate standards, laws and regulations, inventory, warranties, parts, logistics, and vendor information. The system collects, organizes, and stores information and generates notifications when important deadlines are approaching or contractual information needs review.

Q: Where can I learn more about MAS 8 features?

A: To learn more about the Maximo 8 implementation, check out our webinar series designed to help you navigate the ins and outs of the MAS 8 upgrade.

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