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Enhance Airport Enterprise Asset Management with eSAM

Enhance Airport Enterprise Asset Management with eSAM

Seventy-five percent of the world’s 130 busiest airports rely on IBM’s Maximo Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software to get the most value out of their critical assets. Considering airports spend upwards of $7.7 Billion over the lifecycle of their assets to maintain them, we understand that they are often an organization’s most significant investment.

At EDI, we pride ourselves on our ability to help our clients transform from simply relying on planned maintenance to world class maintenance best practices that are part of a Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) program using their Maximo EAM software.

EDI has spent 20+ years helping airports implement Maximo EAM to do just that— in fact, EDI is the #1 US-based IBM Partner for Maximo for Aviation (MfA).

We assist our Aviation clients in maximizing return on investment not only for their assets, but also their EAM software application with a thoughtful, comprehensive set of configurations and documentation which we have named eSAM for Airports.

eSAM stands for EDI’s Strategic Asset Management, which is much more than just a software solution. eSAM is a comprehensive philosophy and program – it is a tool set that puts an organization on a path towards continuous improvement in EAM to achieve RCM.

eSAM is a consistent delivery of IBM’s best-in-class Maximo EAM System that is pre-configured based on ISO 55000 and other best practices to allow a reduced PO to Deploy time and a reliable support approach. eSAM includes airport specific modules such as FAA Part 139 Airfield Inspection, Local NOTAM, Facilities and Custodial Inspections, Lock Shop and Key Management, Warehouse/Inventory Management, GIS Integration, ERP Integration, Property Management Integration, BIM Integration, IoT Integration, Airport Maintenance Specific KPIs, Reports and Analytics, and much more.

The power of eSAM is that we have taken leading industry practices and Maximo configurations and packaged them together in an easily deployable product. eSAM provides not only software configurations but also consulting services to address shared challenges of the industry and in achieving RCM. Our team of experts provide business process implementation services to ensure the right culture change within our clients’ organization for a smoother adoption of EAM technology into their daily tasks.

Our two-fold approach, which focuses on both business processes and software implementation, provides a significantly more useful EAM system sooner compared to other software implementation providers.

The eSAM system benefits include considerable time reduction for personnel involved in the solution development and deployment, and lower overall cost of ownership with short- and long-term ROI. Additionally, eSAM is cloud hosted by our trusted partner, Projetech, who have provided expert, economical Maximo® as a Service (Maas) Cloud Hosting services for a variety of our most important clients for over a decade.

EDI has developed eSAM configurations for several other industries, including Life Sciences. To learn more about how you can implement an EAM system using our eSAM solution to save time, conserve resources, and get the most out of your assets, click here