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Employee Spotlight: George Abercrombie, Senior Business Analyst

George Abercrombie

1. How did you come to do what you do?
Around 2004, I was working for Johnson & Johnson and we were replacing our maintenance management system with Maximo. The department I managed was responsible for the administration of the old system, so I was asked to be the business owner for the new Maximo system. Over the years, I became the subject matter expert for Maximo. I left J&J in 2010 and became a consultant for a Maximo implementer. Since then, I have been working with various clients to either implement a new Maximo system or enhance their existing one.

2. What motivates you every day?
The thing that motivates me every day is helping clients to get the most out of their Maximo system and to achieve best practice with their asset management program. I think I look at things differently compared to a typical Maximo consultant because I started as a user of the system. This makes it much easier to relate to a client’s needs. My goal in my career is to continue to enhance my knowledge in Asset Management and all things Maximo.

3. What are your favorite types of projects to work on?
My favorite type of project to work on is a project that involves an industry that I have not worked in before. I really love learning how different industries use Maximo to suit their business needs.

4. What is the best career lesson you’ve learned so far?
Best career lesson I have learned so far is in a word, listening. It is critical for a business analyst to listen to a client to fully understand how their business processes work and where improvements can be made.

5. What do you enjoy most about working at EDI?
I love learning new things, and there are plenty of opportunities to do that here at EDI.  My day-to-day work is very diverse; I’m working with multiple clients at various stages of the projects. One of my favorite memories while working here was my first on-site training session with one of our clients. It was my first opportunity to see first-hand how EDI operates.

6. Outside of work, what do you like to do for fun?
I have two boys ages 11 and 13 who are always active with sports, so they keep me busy year-round.