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EDI Delivers #1 Maximo Enterprise Asset Management for Airports

EDI is the #1 US-based IBM Partner for Maximo Enterprise Asset Management for Aviation (MfA), which provides the best solutions for airport facility management, key aircraft component analysis, and critical airworthiness requirement evaluations.

EDI is well-versed in the sectors of aircraft maintenance and aviation risk management so that our customers can ensure Federal Air Regulation (FAR) compliance throughout their facilities.

In addition, we have experience minimizing Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situations and extending the life cycle of airframes, engines, and aircraft components – our airport management software aims to keep assets in the air where they belong.

Our tools provide valuable assistance for the operation and management of aviation businesses, including the monitoring and analysis of flight data, maintenance scheduling, inventory management, record keeping and organization, employee schedules, payroll, asset locations, equipment billing and warranty schedules, and much more.

By providing uniquely cultivated tools and airport operations software systems that streamline aviation processes and airline asset management, EDI’s services can take aviation companies to new heights. Through EDI, owners and managers can save labor hours, money, equipment, and additional setbacks that would otherwise burden their teams.

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