Arora ATLAS®* is an enterprise level suite of mobile products designed to simplify and enhance asset management through the seamless convergence of asset data and location services.




Arora ATLAS® Fix is an on-the-go mobile tool that activates your maintenance operations by connecting work management and location services. LEARN MORE 

ATLAS Inspect is an on-the-go mobile tool that enhances your inspections by enabling location services. LEARN MORE

ATLAS Supply is an on-the-go mobile tool that enables real-time inventory management through mobility and location services. LEARN MORE
ATLAS Request is an on-the-go mobile tool that simplifies the work request process through real-time location services and advanced intelligence. LEARN MORE

ATLAS Insights is an on-the-go mobile tool that combines assets, location services, and sensory data to enable better decisions through more complete information.

ATLAS Connect enables real-time facilities management by allowing enterprise systems to share information, thus breaking down technology silos and encouraging more informed decision-making.

Arora can design and implement the solution to meet the unique needs of your facility, large or small.

*This product is covered by one or more US and foreign patents. For a complete listing of those patents, see