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Arora ATLAS®* Supply is an on-the-go mobile inventory solution for Maximo that enables real-time inventory management through mobility and location services.

  • Simple mobile tool for performing warehouse operations
  • All warehouse functions available in a single application
  • Bar code feature for parts identification
  • Mobile inventory solution for IBM’s Maximo® Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software
  • Provides real-time updates to your warehouse inventory management
  • Simplified technician parts return process


  • Blind counts by bin and supervisor reconciliation
  • Receiving lotted and non-lotted items by PO
  • Accurate inventory tracking with put away, transfers, and returns
  • Total cost of ownership from work order picking and issuing to returns

ATLAS Supply Count Book Screen

ATLAS Supply Analysis Capability

*This product is covered by one or more US and foreign patents. For a complete listing of those patents, see