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Arora ATLAS®* Inspect is an on-the-go mobile inspection solution for Maximo that simplifies and enhances asset management with location services.

  • Provides a single inspection application for all parts of your organization
  • Seamlessly integrates with IBM’s Maximo® Enterprise Asset Management
    (EAM) Software
  • Displays locations requiring follow up work
  • Allows attachment of photos and field observations
  • Provides compliance with regulatory inspection requirements
  • Allows assignment of individual or group inspections


  • Selectable Map Layers and
    Building Levels
  • Dynamic Inspection Categories
  • Labor Actuals
  • Logs with voice to text capability
  • Inspection Findings and Work Order Creation
  • Automated Workflow
  • “Drop a Pin” Issue Locating
  • Embed Photos of Issues

ATLAS Inspect Detail

ATLAS Inspect Finding Screen

*This product is covered by one or more US and foreign patents. For a complete listing of those patents, see