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Rethinking Infrastructure®

EDI is a business process consulting and technology firm. We specialize in streamlining business-related maintenance, asset management, real estate, and facility life cycles. EDI provides industry-specific solutions designed to:

  • Reduce implementation time
  • Provide intuitive tools to enhance performance
  • Decrease the cost of software deployment
  • Increase ROI via cost savings and time-smart solutions
  • Enhance company-wide efficiency
  • Minimize the potential for errors

EDI in Action

EDI is dedicated to providing exceptional solutions for the challenges our customers face with managing infrastructure, streamlining maintenance activities, and optimizing facility performance. Our team is passionate about continuously refining the capabilities of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems through superior integration of smart technologies. We are constantly looking for ways to simplify facility processes with customizable, user-friendly, automatable software implementations.

EDI has proudly designed and developed an array of business management tools to simplify the internal protocols needed to keep company assets and operations running smoothly. Explore our portfolio to learn more about our team’s methodologies and the goals we’ve reached in developing facility condition assessment tools and software.

Create the Future

We’re an innovative, energetic team passionate about workplace management software and facility condition assessment tools. If you’d like to extend your experience in maintenance systems, operation and facility management, and technical advancement of EAM and CMMS solutions, take a look at our career offerings!

Apply for one of EDI’s open positions on our Careers page. If you have an innovative mindset and you’re looking for a meaningful career that plays on your strengths, you’ll find the perfect opportunity for professional growth at EDI.