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IBM Watson for Aviation


The future of aviation is in data. As your fleet gets smarter, how will you keep up?

Watson for Aviation and MfA are tightly integrated solutions designed to finally do something with the overwhelming amount of data coming at you. Reading this data let alone knowing what to make of it is a heavy lift. IBM’s Watson is the leader in cognitive computing.

With nexgen aircraft including engines like the LEAP and Trent1000, flights can generate:

  • 250GB to 500GB of data per flight
  • Real data on 6,000,000 parts in a single aircraft
  • Up to 400,000 data parameters per aircraft

With consistent innovations in the areas of smart avionics, flight dynamics, supply chain and M&E, will you react or choose your future?

Fully take advantage of new technologies such as:

  • Smart avionics
  • Talkative aircraft
  • Flight dynamics
  • Manufacturing and Supply Chains
  • Calbin technologies
  • 300M parts in a single aircraft
  • 400k parameters
  • 250k gigabytes per flight
IMB Watson for Aviation



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