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Tririga Real Estate Environmental Sustainability Manager (TREES)

EDI’s Tririga Team has experience with client guidance and implementing TREES with numerous clients and industries.

This experience spans from development of integrations with smart meter and energy management systems, to set up of Energy Star Connector for Portfolio Manager integrations and carbon calculations generating GHG footprint reporting. Here are some examples of EDI’s experience:

  •   Integrations with SmartMeters to collect energy consumption data used in calculating energy costs, including an integration to create Space Chargebacks for departmental energy use for a large DOE research and development national laboratory.

  •   Integrations with SmartMeters and data collection through Utility Invoices to generate organization wide energy consumption reports to validate baseline energy consumption improvements against energy reduction projects for a large federally owned corporation.

  •   Energy consumption data collection through an energy management service and building energy management systems to create energy use against outside temperature readings reporting by store for energy reduction reporting and goals.
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IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Environmental Sustainability Manager provides a single repository of energy and environmental data to measure environmental performance. The software helps to streamline enterprise carbon accounting and sustainability investment analysis. Use it to lower energy costs, achieve carbon reduction goals and improve overall environmental performance.

IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Environmental Sustainability Manager provides:

  •   Prebuilt sustainability metrics to identify resource-intensive facilities, assets and processes
  •   Automated carbon accounting to help reduce cost of carbon disclosures
  •   Sustainability dashboards to consolidate environmental and energy costs, metrics and impact reports
  •   Sustainability investment analysis engine to generate higher financial and environmental returns on capital projects
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TRIRIGA Real Estate Environmental Sustainability Manager is a prerequisite to TRIRIGA Real Estate Environmental Sustainability Impact Manager. TRIRIGA Real Estate Environmental Sustainability Manager provides functionality to operational or transactional users and is licensed by concurrent user. TRIRIGA Real Estate Environmental Sustainability Impact Manager provides enterprise-wide analytics, with reporting access available to the entire enterprise.

TRIRIGA Real Estate Environmental Sustainability Impact Manager helps organizations achieve additional benefits of an environmental sustainability strategy in two primary ways:

  •     By supporting the use of analytics to examine performance data of energy consuming systems in the facility and automatically creating corrective work orders to repair equipment that is not operating correctly. This capability requires a service engagement to load data into TRIRIGA from either a building management system or an energy sensor data collection system, such as Tridium Niagara or OSIsoft PI.

  •     By providing additional capabilities in IBM TRIRIGA Capital Projects Manager, IBM TRIRIGA Workplace Operations Manager, IBM TRIRIGA Facilities Manager, and IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Manager. TRIRIGA Capital Projects Manager ensures that improvement projects are implemented within the planned scope, schedule, and budget. Once projects have been implemented, the TRIRIGA Workplace Operations Manager is the operations and maintenance system to perform critical preventative maintenance and commissioning tasks. TRIRIGA Real Estate Environmental Sustainability Manager is also extended to report performance metrics, read-only transactional reports, and participation in the approval process for TRIRIGA Real Estate Environmental Sustainability Manager business processes to the enterprise.
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