TRIRIGA Capital Projects

TRIRIGA Capital Project Manager


The EDI Team has extensive experience working with both the development of TRIRIGA Capital Projects and its implementation in numerous customer instances.


Our expertise includes detailed knowledge of TRIRIGA’s Financial Rollup calculations and its interaction with Budgets, Bidding, Contracts and Invoices.

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EDI can review your organization’s requirements and provide a role based user experience using Portals, Portal Sections and Navigation, including increasing the impact of using the Project. Enhancing the User Experience with Dynamic Navigation Queries and process specific Landing Pages will upgrade the overall user satisfaction of the system.

TRIRIGA Capital Projects Manager delivers increased financial returns and accelerates project schedules through advanced project planning and project management features by effectively evaluating building condition and prioritizing investments that are important in maximizing a facility's lifetime value at the lowest cost.

In a capital-constrained economy, many organizations face limited financial resources and cannot afford wasteful programs and projects that fail to meet planned outcomes and do not produce measurable business improvements.



IBM TRIRIGA delivers capital project management solutions to improve the quality of capital, facility and environmental projects and accelerate project schedules. IBM TRIRIGA identifies funding priorities within capital programs, analyzes project risks and financial benefits, and automates project management controls and alerts essential to deliver ad-hoc projects and complex programs of any size in an effective manner.

IBM TRIRIGA Capital Projects provides a collaboration solution supporting integration with other TRIRIGA modules, reporting and metric solutions and features of the TRIRIGA Platform. Supporting collaboration features for Budgeting and Cash Flow features, Procurement featuring Bidding, Contracts, Purchase Orders and Pay Applications, Capital Projects presents a rounded feature set. Bringing an integration with Maximo into the solution, using the most advanced platform integration technologies available from IBM, further enhances the overall value of the dual product solution.

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