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SCHAD Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) is a stand-alone module that connects automated systems directly into IBM Maximo for dramatically improved capture of asset performance, providing significant cost-savings through enhanced maintenance practices and reduced downtime.

Typically, taking measurements involves assigning a technician, through a work order, to reading values from equipment a recording those values into a meter. Ideally this work is performed through a user-friendly mobile product, such as SCHAD’s Mobile Work Management for Maximo, and recorded directly into Maximo in real-time.

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However, even using a mobile app the taking of readings can be a time-intensive exercise and this necessitates low-frequency readings (maybe once per week or per month) for a reduced number of measurement points. Data based on such low frequencies are of limited use for seeing trends in behavior that occur before a failure. The better we can assess and spot a trend, the better we can predict and prevent that failure.

This is where SCHAD’s AMR product comes in: AMR connects directly to your existing Building Management Systems (BMS), SCADA, OPC Servers or PLCs and collects data at whatever frequency is most appropriate for the data point. Filters and conditions can be applied to set the frequency of meter readings based on a schedule (to limit reading to production hours only, for example) or value ranges (perhaps we want more frequent readings once a temperature exceeds a certain threshold). This ensures that we capture all the most interesting data without the risk of having to keep millions of records in Maximo.

AMR works with Gauge and Characteristic meters. In the case ofcharacteristics, AMR can be configured to convert values read from automation systems to the observation values configured in Maximo.

AMR is highly scalable, capable to measuring millions of data points across multiple sites into your existing Maximo 6.x or 7.x instance.

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