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Performance Optimization


Does your TRIRIGA Application run slow in certain workflow intensive processes?

Our staff of TRIRIGA experts have solved some of the most significant performance issues confronted by TRIRIGA customers. Our expertise in solving TRIRIGA Workflow processes, both customized and ‘out of the box’ can take on any performance issue and provide improvement.

We are able to accomplish these performance improvements due to our deep understanding of how the TRIRIGA Applications are developed and how to utilize TRIRIGA Workflow more effectively.

Maximo Implementation Services

We utilize our own methodology and tools which goes beyond the TRIRIGA Performance Log and supporting administrative console tools.

Our experience includes the following examples:

  • A large implementation of TRIRIGA Facilities with tens of thousands of space records requiring monthly Space Audits. After loading and activating over 22,000 Space records with allocations and supporting data the client was ready to get their first Space Audit reports. When the client ran their first Space Audit it took over two days to complete.

    Utilizing our Workflow Performance Analysis Methodology, we made some basic alterations to the Workflows to enhance performance. We reduced the entire process from a large number of hours down to just a two hour process.

  • A very large implementation of TRIRIGA Real Estate Lease which required both Lease Abstract and Real Estate Lease Activation, including Review Assumptions. The client utilized the Lease Abstract process for the entry point in their lease data migration process, which also included a Review Assumptions process prior to Lease Activation. Most leases included Payment Schedules with 30 year terms. After a few test runs the average run for a single lease to migrate and process took over one hour. With over 5,000 leases to process the project timeline was then drastically impacted.

    After some detailed analysis of the Workflow processing steps and settings on the Business Objects, we reduced the overall time for this process by over 90%.

  • Applying our expertise to the Workflow processes delivered positive results where the time to activate was reduced by 40%.
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