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Mobile Deployment

Maintenance technicians are always on the move. Tasked with the responsibility of keeping production running, facilities in working order, and cost effectively extending the life of assets, they want to see and understand the work orders that are next to be addressed. This means maintenance technicians do not have time to sit behind a computer inputting time, researching parts, or closing out work orders.

This is where Mobile solutions that are integrated with Tririga and Maximo come in. Maintenance technicians can complete work orders almost anywhere in the plant or facility while minimizing the disruption to their routines.

EDI has almost two decades of experience deploying mobile technologies for facility and asset management for thousands of users. We have a great understanding of the processes to improve work efficiencies for technicians in the field, inventory specialist in the warehouse, or calibration recorders. We have also developed a comprehensive plan of Organizational Change Management to ease the impact of culture change and increase acceptance.

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Early in our history, EDI initially partnered with Syclo mobile becoming one of their top partners and implementers. In fact, EDI was instrumental in teaming with Syclo’s development team for the use case and requirements for Syclo Mobile Calibration, particularly for the Life Sciences industry. Today, EDI recognizes the need for greater customer service and responsive, cost-effective support.

Through continuous review of current market conditions, EDI is partnered with two leading mobile solutions: SCHAD Automation Extend7000 and IBM Anywhere for Tririga and Maximo. In fact, EDI was awarded the Top Reseller in North America by SCHAD in 2014.

Asset Management Mobile Deployment Services

If the Internet of Things is about gaining the advantage of leveraging data from existing equipment, facilities, and assets in new ways, then EXTEND7000 Mobile Maintenance integrates SCADA and CMMS functionality to enable seamless workflows to be completed on a mobile device. This enables your maintenance team to respond to fault notifications on the move and then create, access or process work orders related to the notification in real time. Planned and unplanned maintenance is better coordinated, unscheduled downtime is reduced and response times to problems or systems failure are improved.

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Other EXTEND7000 benefits include:

  •   Receive and process filtered SCADA notifications in seconds
  •   Workflows create a single user interface between SCADA and CMMS
  •   Integrate planned and unplanned maintenance activities
  •   Create ad hoc work orders associated with a specific SCADA alarm
  •   Control assets across multiple sites from any location on a mobile device
  •   Access historical data and work orders
  •   Create real time reports for trends and activity
  •   View faulty assets via CCTV on a mobile device
  •   Eliminate paperwork and manual data entry
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