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In one sense the Internet of Things is about gaining the advantage of leveraging data from existing equipment, facilities, and assets in new ways.

Regardless of where the ever-increasing volume of data comes from or where it is located, the need is increasing for one appliance, process, machine, facility, and application to talk to another. Integrations are the combination of these business processes with the technical capability to solve them.

There are several key considerations in planning to integrate an application into the enterprise. First, is identifying the key systems that need to be integrated with TRIRIGA or Maximo. Next, you must identify the key system touch points in the integration process. These will come directly from the business requirements and functional processes. Once the touch points are defined, you need to gain an understanding of what data needs to be captured, the flow of this data, and the frequency that the data needs to be updated. In addition, a review of the external systems, integration objects, integration points and interfaces that will be used in the integration process must also be analyzed.

Maximo Implementation Services

Over the years, EDI has developed many different types of interfaces for TRIRIGA and Maximo to many different types of systems to leverage data and processes. These interfaces include:

  •   Financial interfaces to major ERP systems including material usage and receipts, such as:
    • SAP
    • Oracle Financials
    • MUNIS
    • PeopleSoft
    • JD Edwards

  •   Meter-based interfaces for Preventive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring, such as:
    • Fuel System integrations
    • Odometer Readings
    • Gauge readings from instrumentation or Control Systems

  •   Service Request and Work Order interfaces for alerts or inspections, such as:
    • Customer Service application integration
    • Piping and Corrosion detection

  •   Master Record integration from External Systems, such as:
    • HR systems feeding People, Labor, Crafts and Qualifications
    • Time and Attendance
    • Business Directory systems feeding Vendor and Manufacturer lists
    • Material Master systems feeding Item Masters
    • Financial systems feeding Chart of Accounts records


Integration Solutions Integration Services

Specifically in regards to Maximo integrations to other applications, Maximo 7.6 contains predefined integration points that help you integrate it with other enterprise applications while allowing you to create business flows between Maximo and the other enterprise applications. The Maximo integration will facilitate data exchange between Maximo and other external systems in real-time or batch form. Data is exchanged via interfaces, each of which acts as a communication channel between the external system and one or more integration points (Points of data exchange) in Maximo.

The IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.6 product contains several key applications designed to facilitate the communication and sharing of information across disparate systems. These applications work in concert to form the Maximo Integration Framework (MIF). The MIF has several key features including:

  •   Inbound and Outbound channels to receive and send messages
  •   Predefined integration definitions for the major objects used in an Enterprise Management system
  •   Availability of applications to allow for the creation of custom integration definitions
  •   Allow for the customization of predefined, or custom, components by using a processing rules engine, writing custom Java code, or using Extensible Style-sheet Language Transformations (XSLT)
  •   Support for multiple communication technologies including:
    • Web Services
    • HTTP
    • Java Message Service (JMS) messaging
    • Database interface tables
    • XML and flat files
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