SCHAD and EDI partnered in 2012 because there is no other mobile product that compares to SCHAD’s EXTEND7000.


EDI listened to our customers and the issues they were experiencing:

  • Wasted visits by technicians
  • Too much paper used, getting expensive
  • Need status results on high priority work real time
  • Need to view alarm notifications from SCADA systems when it happens, not next day
  • Respond and fix times slow, wrong technician sent
  • Overtime expensive, respond to everything
  • Manual input is costly

Services in EXTEND7000 Work Management:

  • Work Orders can be taken anywhere
  • Able to access all required documentation
  • Entry of data in real time; connected or disconnected
  • Access to spare parts reservation
  • Integrates to Maximo, SCADA, PLCs and other Building Management systems
    • Allows direct response to alarms that indicate a fault through real time asset behavior
  • Labor/Material recording by technicians with automatic time recording
  • Able to enter Failure codes
  • Create follow up work orders from SCADA alarm notifications

Services in EXTEND7000 Inventory:

  • Enables real time spare part accuracy
  • Storeroom staff can manage staged picks
  • Inventory staff achieve issuance and receipt of items

Services in EXTEND7000 Automated Meter Reading:

  • Captures measurements from assets (field) to Maximo assets using the Condition Monitoring application
    • Can be used to drive preventive maintenance routes
  • Highly reduces downtime with just-in-time maintenance
  • Meter readings record directly into Maximo real time
  • Connects directly with your SCADA, PLCs, or Building Management System to:
    • Collect data at your desired frequency appropriate for your data point
  • Can be adjusted to change to a higher frequency once a data point has been reached


EDI’s mobile consultants are expert at implementing EXTEND7000. Our customers are experiencing the benefits:

  • Reduction of downtime by as much as 60%
  • Reduction of response and fix times by allocation of right technician
  • Lower work order processing times
  • Improvement of data quality in real time measures
  • Ability to use a single device on any platform for Maximo, SCADA, PLCs, or Management Systems
  • Reduction in overtime as technicians can see the alarm and the asset priority
  • Technicians spend more time on maintenance not manual entry
  • Elimination of paper
  • Compliance with federal reporting requirements
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