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EAM Deployment for Airports

In today’s demanding operating climate, a CMMS / EAM deployment must be more than just tracking work orders or inventory effectively. Organizations have already gone through the exercise of “right-sizing” or streamlining operations to the point additional cuts are no longer effective. The mantra “Do More, with Less” is an all too familiar saying that no longer applies.

The maintenance department today needs to become a strategic partner to the overall goals of the organization. This means that the assets, equipment, machines, and facilities used to meet the operational targets of the organization must be available with a predictable expense budget. A fundamental change in culture must occur where the maintenance department views itself as the “guys who fix it when it goes down” to strategic thinkers of predicting when aging assets will become bad actors and need to be replaced based on their risk and cost!

The maintenance department must transform itself into the reliability department.

These decisions require data that can only come from a properly implemented and configured, world-class Enterprise Asset Management system. Merely tracking work orders and costs is not enough.

True planning and scheduling of resources to address the highest risk assets that impact the organizations operations the most.


EDI Solutions for Airports

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