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In Design Build Operate Maintain delivery, a single contractor performs the role of operator for the facility in addition to the design and construction of the building either as a single entity or through Prime/Subcontractor partnerships. The advantage of the DBOM approach is that it allows you to take advantage of a number of efficiencies. By bringing facilities managers into the design process early in the cycle the maintenance approach can be included into the design of the building. Whether assets are going to be run to failure or regularly maintained may change where they are located in the building and can safeguard that maintenance professionals have the proper access to them.

Construction firms are including and owners are requiring the complete ‘as-built’ BIM model as part of the deliverable of a project. Until recently building owners have not fully grasped how they can realize the full benefits of the BIM model. In addition to the geometry of the building, BIM models can contain details about the materials used, like paint finish, carpet or lighting fixtures. It also can contain asset related details like manufacturer, model serial number, warranty coverage and costs. Having these details available in a CMMS or EAM system from the time that the building is initially commissioned will make the facilities manager’s job much easier.

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While EDI concentrates on consulting and technology, we can provide the expertise and software that can make DBOM more effective and easier where a construction or maintenance company will fall short. And just like the advantages of DBOM where greater efficiencies can be attained by having the same team involved throughout the process, significant advantages can be had if the facility data can be used throughout the DBOM process. Examples include:

  • Comparing facility designs with current property, campus, or site infrastructure (As-Builds) to avoid utility interruptions like accidental gas line breaks

  • Manage Capital Projects throughout their life cycle for building specifications, timelines and sources from concept, through commissioning, and into O&M

  • Plan how space will be utilized most effectively and ergonomically before construction and after commissioning when the organization changes. Manage leases and lease accounting for these same facilities

  • Incorporate and integrate energy and environmental information into asset management

Let’s take a look at the solutions and partnerships EDI provides at each stage of the delivery. EDI has partnered with AutoDesk and IBM to understand how to ensure the right data is included and structured correctly in the BIM model and then import the information from the BIM model to perform facilities management. The process of manually entering this information into a maintenance or facility management product like Maximo or TRIRIGA can be costly. EDI has worked with many customers to allow for two-way integrations of graphic representations of workspaces, equipment and organizations to enable you to visually manage facilities using floor plans and drawings in Maximo and TRIRIGA.

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