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Maximo for Aviation(MfA) for Carriers


Part 121 Operators face many market pressures including the need to maximize operating margins, minimize aircraft downtime and ensure airworthiness. Every second an aircraft is on the ground and not generating revenue costs serious money. Of course, there is always going to be times where downtime is unavoidable such as standard interval A, B, C and D checks as prescribed in the OEM maintenance planning documents (MPD).

  •   Maximo for Aviation Planning and Scheduling can help forecast the maintenance requirements based upon planned and unplanned events through intuitive and visiually compelling interfaces.

  • Maximo‚Äôs electronic flight bag (EFB) is a powerful tool in minimizing downtime by sending notifications to engineers on the ground of possible issues prior to landing. This air to ground connectivity can result in shorter turnaround times and reduced costs. As a leading M&E solution, Maximo provides an enterprise class solution that on a single platform manages everything.

  • Maximo for Aviation Electronic Flight Book can track flight hours, cycles and times win a connected or disconnected mode keeping your air frame configuration in synch with all of your records.

  • MfA for Part 121 compliance is a true enterprise class solution designed specifically to answer the complete spectrum of aviation maintenance. Advanced reporting, compliance management, streamlined processes.




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